We are excited to announce that our Clearify dependent verification platform is now available in Spanish!

Clear Communication Is Key

Clear communication is key to successful dependent eligibility verifications because it gives employees the best opportunity to verify their dependents and helps eliminate confusion. By translating our platform and communications to Spanish, we are able to offer more support for ESL (English as a Second Language) workers.

Why We Picked Spanish

ClearTrack HR is committed to ensuring all employees can complete their dependent eligibility verification as easily as possible. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the United States with 41 million people speaking it.  It was an easy choice to add this capability to our system so that we can accommodate such a large portion of our clients’ employees.

Most HR teams are lean and may not have a dedicated, bilingual HR support person for Spanish speakers, so we wanted to ensure that nobody gets left behind when it comes to employee preparation. As we move forward, our goal is to make the entire dependent verification experience available in multiple languages.

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Creating a Tailored User Experience for Spanish Speakers

From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to offer Spanish speakers the best user experience possible. Since our dependent verification process includes several methods of employee communication, we took a unique approach by offering multilingual options for every step of the verification process. This includes translating our direct mail communications to Spanish and offering Clearify customer support callers the ability to speak to one of our Spanish speaking representatives.

How It Works

We’ve made it easy for Spanish speakers to access Clearify in their preferred language. The Clearify mobile app automatically detects if the user is Spanish speaking by accessing their phone’s language settings.

To access Clearify in Spanish on the Web Portal, users can simply click “En Espanol.” After that, every step of the verification process from account creation to dependent verification is available in Spanish.

More to Come

This is just one of the ways we make HR processes easier for employers, HR managers, and employees alike. We will have more feature rollouts coming soon!

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