Listen as Deborah Hamlin shares insights on the importance of workplace wellness and energy management.


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Meet Our Guest

Deborah Hamlin of Energy by Deb on Workplace WellnessDeborah Hamlin
Registered Dietitian, Corporate Wellness Specialist
Energy By Deb

Deborah Hamlin is the owner of Energy by Deb. She is passionate about helping people to become energized using breath, food, sleep, and movement. She lives in Flower Mound, TX with her husband and their dog. Her 3 kids are away at college, one at Texas Tech and twins at Mississippi State. You can find her on her website,

Episode Highlights – Workplace Wellness and Energy Management

  • What is wellness culture?
  • Why should businesses promote wellness? 
  • Can you speak to what a good and bad wellness program might look like?
  • What tips do you have for HR managers looking into wellness programs? 
  • Can you explain what energy management is?
  • I know you focus a lot on breathing in your energy program. Can you talk more about the importance of that? 
  • How does energy management tie into workplace wellness?

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