Listen as Chastity Davenport with JP & Associates Realtors shares her unique experience with COVID-19’s impact on the real estate industry.


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Meet Our Guest

Chastity Davenport
Vice President of National Expansion, JP & Associates Realtors

Chastity is a VP for the national expansion of the fastest-growing 100% real estate franchise in the country, JPAR Real Estate based out of Frisco, Texas. Her diverse real estate experience expands from owning and selling a successful brokerage that doubled in the production year over year to helping a lead generation tech company grow into a $200 million acquisition. She has built highly productive teams, worked in the iBuyer space, and coached brokers on how to start and grow a successful brokerage. She lives for innovation, implementing new ideas, and helping those around her succeed.

Episode Highlights – Real Estate Trends Due to COVID-19


  • How did you get started in the real estate industry?
  • What is the main focus of your current position?
  • You have been a part of some great teams throughout your career. What sets a good team apart?
  • Is real estate more of a team initiative, or is it more like an individual sport so to speak?

Real Estate Trends

  • What real estate trends have you been seeing since COVID-19?
  • From a financial standpoint, is now still a good time to buy or sell?
  • Are you seeing more virtual closings than before?

Employee Benefits

  • Most agents used to be treated as 1099 contractors. With that, there really isn’t an opportunity for health or voluntary benefits. Has that changed?

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