Listen as Christy Abend, an HR consultant, shares her advice on reintegrating employees into the workplace during COVID-19.


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Meet Our Guest

Reintegrating Employees into the Workplace During COVID-19Christy Abend
HR Consultant

Christy Abend, Director, an HR consultant, has 20 years of experience working in Human Resources with a concentration in the health & welfare benefits and compliance arena.

She has her SHRM-SCP certification as well as her GBA certification through CEBS and has become an industry leader pertaining to the Affordable Care Act.

Episode Highlights – Reintegrating Employees into the Workplace During COVID-19

Before Returning to the Workplace

  • How can employers or HR managers know it is time to return to the workplace?
  • Are there any advantages to returning to the workplace overextending remote work?
  • What should HR managers do prior to reopening to get the workplace ready for employees to return?

COVID-19 Prevention

  • How can HR managers encourage preventative measures in the workplace, like social distancing or sanitization?
  • Should employers screen employees?
  • Should employers screen office visitors or customers? Or, should employers require office visitors or customers to use hand sanitizer or wear a mask?

Protocols & Compliance

  • What protocols should HR managers enable for returning to the workplace?
  • Are there any new compliance regulations HR managers should be aware of?
  • With many children learning remotely or enrolled in hybrid programs, do you have any recommendations for how HR managers or employers can best accommodate parents who are doubling as educators right now?
  • Should HR maintain remote work policies and procedures, even after reopening?

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