In this episode, Cleartrack HR’s own senior architect, Kenny Abernathy, shares a developer’s take on HR technology.


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Meet Our Guest

Kenny Abernathy HeadshotKenny Abernathy
Senior Architect, Cleartrack HR

Kenny Abernathy is Senior Architect at ClearTrack HR. He got his first computer for Christmas when he was 7 years old and has been coding ever since. Programming professionally since the late 90s, he’s experienced the huge impact the web and mobile technology has had on business.

Kenny lives in Huntsville, AL, where he enjoys art, nature, and hanging out with his rescue pup Patsy Cline.

Episode Highlights – A Developer’s Take on HR Technology


  • When did you know that you wanted to become a developer?
  • Have all your previous development experience been in the HR industry?
  • What is the biggest difference in developing HR-related products compared to your previous experience?

Advice for Employers

  • What advice do you have for employers browsing for new HR tech solutions?
  • We know a lot of companies are more remote now due to COVID-19. Are there any added security risks involved with remote work, and what advice do you have to avoid those?

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