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Episode Highlights

Who is Zach Finey?

  • Operations Manager at ClearTrack HR
  • Six years of industry experience
  • Husband and father of two daughters
  • Guitarist and music lover

Why launch a podcast? 

  • Collectively, we have gathered tons of industry experience that we’re excited to share to help make your job as an industry professional easier!
  • While we’re proud of our products, we won’t flood you with sales pitches. We’re here to bring you value.
  • We’ll share industry news, expert advice, HR tech reviews, and much more.

Sponsor Introduction: What is ClearTrack HR?

  • Provides modern HR tech solutions:
    • Benefits Administration
    • Call Center Concierge Service
    • Open Enrollment Support
    • Dependent Eligibility Verifications

Links and Resources Mentioned

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